How One Subtle Change Drastically Improved NBC’s The Slap

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How One Subtle Change Drastically Improved NBC’s The Slap

The Slap’s short run might’ve ended four years ago, but the NBC miniseries has left an indelible handprint on American culture. The star-studded adaptation of an Australian series galvanized a nation with its sober analysis of child-rearing techniques and family relationships, reigniting the debates over corporal punishment and whether today’s parents are too lenient with their children. You could almost smell the sense of importance steaming off of each episode.

It’s hard to imagine how The Slap could have been better, more important or more insightful. Somehow Joe Kwaczala found a way, though. The former Clickhole and Onion contributor shared a video on Twitter today that shows how one small, almost imperceptible change was able to make The Slap even more powerful. You might have to watch it a few times to catch Kwaczala’s vital update, and it might also help to rewatch a trailer for NBC’s version first.

Paste thinks you’ll agree that Kwaczala’s one revision, which seems so minor at first to almost be invisible, still winds up as a big improvement on this already timeless classic. Check his work out below, and if you’re with NBC, maybe give this guy a job on The Slap 2.

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