Here’s a Trailer for I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson‘s Second Season

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Here’s a Trailer for I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson‘s Second Season

In just a little over two weeks you’ll get to have the magical experience of watching the entire second season of I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson in one sitting, and then immediately watching it all again the same night. That’s the beauty of the show’s bite-sized portions: with only six episodes that each clock in at under 20 minutes, you can knock it out in under two hours. You can probably watch both of the show’s two seasons in their entirety in less time than it’d take you to get through its Netflix neighbor The Irishman. So mark it down and keep the night empty: July 6 is when the sketch comedy’s second season comes out, and July 6 is also when it’ll start being memed to hell and back on social media. Maybe take the day off work and make a holiday out of it?

Yes, we’ve seen the whole second season. Yes, we’ve seen the whole second season, like, four or five times now. No, we can’t say anything about it yet. When we can talk about it, though, expect to hear a lot.

If you want a quick, context-free preview of the season, here’s a new trailer that Netflix released today. Watching this trailer made me want to go watch the whole season again, so I did. I’ll probably watch it a few more times before July 6. Maybe I’ll watch the first one again, too. And Robinson’s episode of The Characters, the proto-I Think You Should Leave that’s basically the unofficial pilot for the show.

Crap, I might be addicted to this guy. Crap!

Here’s that trailer. It doesn’t really spoil anything (although there’s one gag near the end of it that I would’ve left out of the trailer, if only because the timing of it in the full sketch is fantastic, and now if you’ve seen the trailer you’ll know it’s coming and be waiting for it when you finally watch the episode, which you can do, again, on July 6, only on Netflix) (and I don’t even know if comedy can be “spoiled” in the traditional sense of that word anyway) but it does reveal some of the new season’s many guest stars—including Bob Odenkirk, Sam Richardson, Patti Harrison, Tim Heidecker, Paul Walter Hauser, Julia Butters, Mike O’Brien, and more. Check it out below and let’s reconnect in a couple of weeks when we can talk about the season openly, okay?

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