Watch the Exclusive Premiere of Trevor Moore’s New Video “My Computer Just Became Self Aware”

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Watch the Exclusive Premiere of Trevor Moore’s New Video “My Computer Just Became Self Aware”

Get ready, America: It’s Trevor Moore time.

The comedian returns with his latest Comedy Central special on Friday, April 20, at midnight. Before that he’s hosting a 24-hour Facebook Live telethon from Comedy Central’s office in Hollywood. (It’s called a Trevathon, of course, because Trevor is his first name, and it sounds slightly similar to the “tele” part of the word “telethon.”) And before that he’s unveiling his latest music for all the world to see exclusively right here at Paste.

“My Computer Just Became Self Aware” is a frightening vision of what happens when your laptop does entirely too many drugs and energy drinks, and how it can ruin not just the lives of those who own it but also somehow rewrite the entire framework of history and time and space and the universe as we know it.

When it comes to our impending digital doom Moore remains a pragmatist. “When the computers become self aware there will be no way for humanity to protect itself,” he tells Paste. “That’s why I want to say, in as many interviews as possible, that I am a big fan of computers taking over the world! This way, hopefully when they scan all the archives of everything man has ever done, they’ll read this, know I am a friend of computers and spare me and my family.” (We just want to say that the thought of future world-conquering computers reading our humble little pop culture site makes us really proud.—Ed.)

You can find Moore’s nightmarish vision of humanity’s fate below. It co-stars Dolph Ziggler. He was really good in that Survivor Series 2014 match. Yep.

Trevor Moore: The Story of Our Times premieres on Comedy Central on Friday, April 20, at midnight ET/PT. It’ll be released as an album for digital download by Comedy Central Records that same day.

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