The Best Tweets of the Week

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The Best Tweets of the Week

The tweets are BACK, baby!



In the wake of everything that’s happening in the world today, we decided to forego our regular weekly collection of the best goofs, gags and japes on Twitter last week. There wasn’t anything funny going on, anywhere. We’re easing back into it, though, and at the end of a week that saw some truly risible behavior absolutely worthy of online scorn. Like, what’s that Harry Potter lady thinking? And the rush to reopen everything, even as cases climb? And why is all of society basically dumb and bad and deserving of our contempt? I mean, shit, those are things to joke about. So here are those jokes, both from professional joke miners and mere amateur joke enthusiasts. And if anybody responsible for these tweets would rather not get wrapped up in these kinds of overviews, let us know: we’re on Twitter @Paste_Comedy.

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