The Funniest Tweets of the Week

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The Funniest Tweets of the Week

Here’s what happened this week: our president just kept doing treason like it was nothing, live on TV even. A dumb movie about a cartoon murder clown hit theaters amid media-stoked fears of mass shootings and the director repeating the lamest “nobody can be funny anymore because of SJWs” bullshit. It’s been in the 90s almost everywhere in October, proving once again that the only thing humans are good at is death and destruction. Wrestling got good again, at least. That’s cool. I’ll gladly wrap myself in the nostalgic ballet of pro wrestling and close my mind to every other single thing happening in the world today, if it means staying sane and at least tolerably miserable. Of course I also have to look at Twitter for my job (and to feed my own addiction), so there’s a serious hard cap on exactly how sane I’ll be able to stay. When the app gets opened I know bad news awaits. At least some solid jokes do, too. Here are the funniest tweets we saw this week; like and share and follow the folks what wrote ‘em, for God’s sake.

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