Tyler, The Creator Raps Seuss, The Doctor

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Tyler, The Creator Raps Seuss, The Doctor

Although Tyler, The Creator is currently embroiled in a heated situation involving the Australian visa department and the feminist group Collective Shout, he kept things light Wednesday night on Jimmy Kimmel and stepped into the world of rhyme. Storybook rhyme, that is. Tyler, The Creator did a strange but nonetheless amusing bit where he not only dressed up as The Cat in The Hat, but proceeded to rap Dr. Seuss’ newly released book What Pet Should I Get?. Regardless of whether or not you like former the Odd Future member, you’ve got to give the guy props for rocking a literal catsuit. Tyler didn’t seem too pleased with his segment, tweeting Thursday:

Tyler may be done, but we can only hope for some more rapper/Seuss collaborations in the future. Dr. Dre’s announcement of his forthcoming album Straight Outta Compton is really exciting news, but making Straight Outta Whoville could be a total game changer.

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