Watch Colbert, Key & Peele Perform a Bunch of Touchdown Celebrations

Comedy Video
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Remember that hilarious Key & Peele video where they took on the personalities (and insane names) of college football’s “East & West All-Stars”? Well, Hingle McCringleberry (Keegan Michael-Key) is back, and he’s teaming up with Kimble Mathias (Stephen Colbert) to score a bunch of touchdowns and engage in the most outrageous celebrations possible. Jordan Peele is the ref who watches their every move, just waiting to throw the flag, and the three of them delivered the goods on the post-Super Bowl edition of Colbert’s Late Show In the video above, you can see the original sketch, and please, please, please check out the video below for the extended version, where you can watch McCringleberry and Mathias give a deflated football a Viking funeral. Three hip thrusts all around.