Wyatt Cenac Releases Free Election-Themed Stand-up EP

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Wyatt Cenac launched his weekly stand-up show Night Train four years ago, back in November 2012, and good lord has a lot changed in those four years. The first edition of Night Train went down at Littlefield in Brooklyn on November 5, 2012, the night before President Obama cruised to reelection with a relatively easy victory over Mitt Romney. The fourth anniversary show was held on November 14, 2016, six days after cartoonish reality TV star and proud bigot Donald Trump was inexplicably elected to replace Obama in the White House. It probably wasn’t the happiest birthday party for anybody in the audience.

Cenac, whose political bonafides were well established during a four year run on The Daily Show, recorded a 17-minute set about the election at Monday’s show, and is releasing it as the free EP One Angry Night in November. We haven’t heard it yet, but we’ll be listening as soon as we get the confirmation email from Wyatt Cenac’s new Mailchimp email newsletter. You see, that’s the very minor catch when it comes to downloading this thing: you have to subscribe to his newsletter. Which, if you’re a Cenac fan, shouldn’t be a problem; he doesn’t really do social media anymore, so it’ll probably be the best way to keep tabs on his professional comings and goings. You can find all the details at his site, and oh hey, we just got the email with the download link and his first newsletter, so we’re going to go ahead and listen to that now.

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