MAD Magazine Makes America Dumb Again with MAD Dumps on Trump

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MAD Magazine Makes America Dumb Again with MAD Dumps on Trump

Satire may seem superfluous in an election cycle mired with media-bating buffoonery, cartoonish-if-it-wasn’t-so-scary evil and a GOP that seems intent on parodying itself, but you can’t keep a good MAD down. Founded by legendary cartoonist Harvey Kurtzman and publisher William Gaines in 1952, MAD Magazine has taken potshots at anyone and everyone on the public stage for over half a century, and grand old huckster Donald Trump is no exception. From his days storming through the boardroom of The Apprentice to the current is-this-really-happening GOP National Convention, MAD had dumped on Trump, and now the magazine has collected the best (worst?) of its Trump material into a free ebook, appropriately titled MAD Dumps on Trump.

MAD Dumps on Trump Interior Art

If you’re an equal opportunity political offender or a Trump supporter who has gotten lost and stumbled onto our website, a paid subscription to MAD will net you a bonus edition of the ebook that mocks Hillary Clinton, our (fingers crossed) future president. And for anyone looking to more permanently memorialize this political nadir, MAD has released a “Make America Dumb Again” poster of MAD #540’s cover by renowned artist Mark Fredrickson, featuring dimwitted mascot Alfred E. Neuman popping out of Drumpf’s empty noggin like a spring-loaded Athena. Neuman is of course famous for his catchphrase, “What, me worry?” …a.k.a. what we all said to ourselves when Trump first announced his candidacy. Is it November yet?

Mad Dumps on Trump art by Mark Fredrickson

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