Get an Early Look at The Seeds, One of 2018’s Most Anticipated Comics

Ann Nocenti & David Aja’s Long-Awaited Berger Books Series Hits Shelves in August

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The announcement of legendary Vertigo founding editor Karen Berger’s curated Berger Books imprint at Dark Horse Comics was thrilling even before the initial launch list was made public. Berger’s impact on the shape of comics is immeasurable, with her keen editorial eye helping to foster some of the medium’s greatest voices throughout the late ‘80s and ‘90s, and her presence has been sorely missed since she parted ways with longtime employer DC Comics. While each Berger Books title has its appeal, The Seeds jumped to the front of many Most Anticipated lists on the strength of its unexpected creative team: fan-favorite Daredevil writer and filmmaker Ann Nocenti and innovative Hawkeye and Immortal Iron Fist artist David Aja, who has largely been absent from interior comics in the last few years.

Originally slated to hit stands last month, The Seeds will now debut August 1, 2018, kicking off a four-issue story that tackles journalistic integrity, our cultural obsession with technology, ecological collapse and grumpy aliens on a mysterious mission. How do the bees that dominate the book’s cover and teaser imagery fit into all of this? To discover what the insects know that we don’t, and to meet Astra, the idealist at the heart of The Seeds, comic fans will have to nab the first issue in August. Until then, Paste readers can exclusively enjoy this first interior look at Aja’s stunning, sepia-toned work on the book.


The Seeds 1 FC.jpg
The Seeds #1 Cover Art by David Aja

The Seeds pg 2.jpg
The Seeds #1 Interior Art by David Aja

The Seeds pg 3.jpg
The Seeds #1 Interior Art by David Aja

The Seeds pg 6.jpg
The Seeds #1 Interior Art by David Aja