The Return of Calvin and Hobbes

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The Return of Calvin and Hobbes

Bloom County creator Berkeley Breathed gave his Facebook page a makeover this April 1, proclaiming it the new home of Calvin and Hobbes for 2016, and offering up the first strip, which got more than 25,000 likes and 11,000 shares within two hours this morning.

He teased the takeover shortly after midnight last night, posting “A big day for C&H fans: Bill Watterson and myself in Tuscany signing the franchise over to my ‘administration.’ Watterson’s in great shape—he’s out of the Arizona facility, continent and looking forward to some well-earned financial security. You rock, Bill. —bb”

To see the whole strip, including a Bloom County cameo, visit Berkeley Breathed on Facebook, and like his page while you’re at it. He deserves it for bringing together two of our favorite comic strips, even if just for April Fool’s Day. Here’s his new cover photo:


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