Win a Copy of Justice League: The People Versus the Justice League from DC Comics

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Win a Copy of Justice League: The People Versus the Justice League from DC Comics

Christopher Priest, often credited simply as Priest, has been in and around the mainstream comic world since the early ‘80s, working as an editor and writer at Marvel and DC Comics, helping to found Milestone Media, co-creating series including Quantum & Woody and generally being a force for good in a challenging industry. Probably best known for a 70-plus-issue character-defining run on Black Panther, Priest’s writing is still as vibrant and vital as ever three decades into his career. Deathstroke became a surprise sleeper hit under his pen, giving the one-eyed mercenary his most successful run in over 20 years, and Priest’s brief stint on Justice League earlier this year became an instant fan-favorite and critical darling.

STL081334.jpegThis week, Priest’s first arc on Justice League is collected in trade paperback as Justice League Vol. 6: The People Versus the Justice League. Don’t let the “Vol. 6” scare you off—Priest’s run, illustrated by artists including Pete Woods and Phil Briones, is totally standalone, and requires no familiarity with the preceding five volumes. The People Versus the Justice League kicks off with a sleep-deprived Batman making a crucial mistake, which spirals into a much larger conflict when an obsessed fan uses deadly methods to silence the League’s critics. Can the League deal with their internal distrust in time to stop their fanatical defender?

To celebrate The People Versus the Justice League’s release in comic stores and online this Wednesday, we’ve partnered with DC Comics for Paste’s very first comic giveaway. Two winners will each receive a paperback copy of the book. To enter the giveaway, follow @PasteBooks on Twitter and retweet this tweet by 5 p.m. EST on Friday, June 29th. You must have a U.S. address to enter.

We’ll announce the winners via Twitter on Friday evening—good luck!

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