Comics We’re Excited About for 5/18/2016

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Comics We’re Excited About for 5/18/2016

While we wholeheartedly recommend the books in the gallery above, this isn’t a bad week to let new issues linger in your longbox and break out the classics: DC: The New Frontier, Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score, Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter—even the recent paperback collection of Twilight Children. With the passing of prolific master cartoonist Darwyn Cooke, this Wednesday’s haul feels a bit more somber than it should. That isn’t to say that the week isn’t full of promising new releases—surf noir, ‘60s cartoon nostalgia, biblical innovation, pre-colonial shapeshifting, cyberpunk dystopia, all-ages axe-murdering and the latest patented mega-event all get their due—but that you’d be forgiven for turning a blind eye to the new and revisiting unassailable classics from one of the greats just this once.

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