Read Ronald Wimberly’s Entire Story from the Attack on Titan Anthology

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Read Ronald Wimberly’s Entire Story from the Attack on Titan Anthology

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan manga is a property whose immensity is only matched by the building-size, skinless cannibals that terrorize its pages. The innovative horror series—now in its 20th English volume—routinely sells in the millions, dwarfing the sales of its American competition; it sold 8.7 million copies last year alone.

Publisher Kodansha recently invited a murderer’s row of Western writers and artists to venture into Isayama’s morbid playground. The Attack on Titan Anthology debuted in October under the talents of Scott Snyder, Evan Dorkin, Afua Richardson, Gail Simone Simon Spurrier, Asaf and Tomer Hanuka, as well as the entire Motor Crush creative team of Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr—just to name a few. Titan indeed.


Another cool aspect of the book is watching these creators not only tackle a specific property, but epic horror-tinged fantasy. While that arena may be old hat to folks like Snyder (The Wake) and Spurrier (Cry Havoc), it’s an intriguing change of pace for cartoonists like Ronald Wimberly, who contributes the 20-page chapter “Bahamut.” Known for his rhythmic, hyper-stylized works like The Prince of Cats and GratNin, Wimberly takes a trip from his usual setting of Brooklyn to AoT’s turn-of-the-century Germanic landscape for a dark, hilarious take on the fiction. Check out the entire story below, but be warned: some of the imagery is NSFW, including a lumbering Donald Trump Titan. All art below by Ronald Wimberly.

Wimberly_Bahamut 1.jpg

Wimberly_Bahamut 2.jpg

Wimberly_Bahamut 3.jpg

Wimberly_Bahamut 4.jpg

Wimberly_Bahamut 5.jpg

Wimberly_Bahamut 6.jpg

Wimberly_Bahamut 7.jpg

Wimberly_Bahamut 8.jpg

Wimberly_Bahamut 9.jpg

Wimberly_Bahamut 10.jpg

Wimberly_Bahamut 11.jpg

Wimberly_Bahamut 13.jpg

Wimberly_Bahamut 14.jpg

Wimberly_Bahamut 15.jpg

Wimberly_Bahamut 16.jpg

Wimberly_Bahamut 17.jpg

Wimberly_Bahamut 18.jpg

Wimberly_Bahamut 19.jpg

Wimberly_Bahamut 20.jpg

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