Brian Azzarello & Greg Capullo Bring Swamp Thing to DC Comics’ Walmart Lineup

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Brian Azzarello & Greg Capullo Bring Swamp Thing to DC Comics’ Walmart Lineup

DC Comics’ next title hitting Walmart shelves will star Swamp Thing, per The Washington Post. The comic, titled Swamp Thing Halloween Horror Special #1, features iconic stories from Swampy’s past. Readers can see the character’s first appearance, for example, in House of Secrets, No. 92 by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson. Other creators featured include Denny O’Neal, Neal Adams, Paul Dini, Dustin Nguyen, Dan DiDio, Ian Churchill and J. Michael Straczynski.

Most notable, though, is an original tale from creators Greg Capullo and Brian Azzarello. Capullo is best known for his collaboration with Scott Snyder on their Batman run, as well as their 2018 event Dark Knights: Metal, which was the first time Capullo drew Swamp Thing. Although Capullo has taken to Twitter to post some of his Justice League Dark variant covers where Swamp Thing is featured, it seems that was just a smokescreen for this project. He finally revealed the project earlier this week:

Azzarello’s name is synonymous with some of the darkest and grittiest stories in comics. He’s been in the industry since his 1999 title 100 Bullets. You might also associate him with his most recent book, Batman: Damned, featuring what Paste’s own Steve Foxe has dubbed the elusive ‘bat-pole.’ Making a name for himself in the Gotham corner of DC, Azzarello hadn’t worked with Swamp Thing before, but his style fits perfectly with the Halloween special.

Swamp Thing Halloween Horror Special #1 is the first team-up from the two creators, per WaPo. When Capullo was offered the chance to work with Azzarello and draw Swamp Thing on top of that, he couldn’t resist. DC’s line of Walmart books features 100-page, large-format editions of comics.

Look for Swamp Thing Halloween Horror Special #1 at your local Walmart beginning this Sunday, Oct. 7, and see Capullo’s cover art below.


Swamp Thing Halloween Horror Special #1 Art by Greg Capullo

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