Live Inside a Van Gogh Painting at This Airbnb Destination

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You know how there are some paintings that are just so beautiful you want to live in them? Well, courtesy of this Airbnb destination in Chicago, you can now sleep in a Vincent van Gogh inspired bedroom.

The room, modeled after van Gogh’s beautiful and vibrant Bedroom In Arles, was constructed by The Art Institute of Chicago to promote its newest exhibition, Van Gogh’s Bedrooms. Opening on Feb. 14, the show will be the first time all three of the painting’s versions will be on display in North America.

The Airbnb room can bed two and is complete with its own bathroom. As of now there are no February dates available to book the life size replica, but according to the museum’s Facebook page, there are plans to release March availability the last week of this month. Another plus? It only costs $10 a night and comes with free tickets to the exhibit. What a deal!

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