Entertaining Bare Essentials You Can Use on the Reg

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So what do you need for a party-ready place? It turns out, not that much. The serving accents that’ll impress your guests can easily mix in with your good ole workhorses that handle stuff like heating up soup and holding your two-buck Chuck. Here, a few finds that pull double duty with day jobs and night work.

1. Lipped Serving Tray as Magazine Holder


A hefty tray that aids in carting mixed drinks, steaming cheese dips and more party treats is a must for any shindig. It turns out, the generous sides and tray size also makes it ideal for staging—and clearing—you coffee table at rapid speed. Bonus points for if you find a tray with a chic contrasting pattern.

2. Pitcher or Carafe as Vase


Even some Aristocrat and Crystal Light can look fancier when you hide all the evidence and put it in a carafe. (Just call it the oldest trick in the entertaining book.) Put that pretty, upright container to use when you’re just hanging out at home by using it as a vase. Or, use it for storing cooking utensils like spoons and spatula on your kitchen countertop.

3. Tumblers as Juice and Water Glasses


There’s no hard and fast rule about saving your pretty glasses for an alcoholic beverage or baby-shower punch. Ditch your tired plastic regulars for the stuff you’d otherwise use for special occasions. It’ll make even a Diet Coke feel like something Instagram-worthy. (See above for a well-executed example.)

4. Table Runner as Home Office Accent


Your beloved table runner deserves to see daylight more than a few times a year. Use it to dress up a drab console or home office desk. It’ll make working for the weekend a bit cheerier.

5. Lazy Susan as Plant Display


The spinning-serving accessory sure comes in handy when bringing the condiments to your dinner party guests. Simply add a bell jar and a small air plant for a great everyday decorating specimen.

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