Fonts We Love: Breakfast by Jakob Fischer

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Font design is a matter of art, practicability and legibility— a good font can totally change the way we view a product or body of text. Whether it’s the stylishly demure Helvetica, the ‘60s-feeling of Futura, or (God-forbid) the childish Comic Sans, a font is make-or-break in conveying a certain aesthetic. Paste Design is on a mission to show you, dear readers, new and interesting fonts as soon as they are released. And the best part? We’re rounding up the cheapest ones we can find! Lucky you.

To start us off, why not begin with the most important meal of the day? This week, save some time for Breakfast, the handwritten and delightfully imperfect font by Jakob Fischer, Danish designer and kindergarten teacher. Fischer has made over 400 freeware fonts since he started designing them almost 20 years ago.

Breakfast was released earlier this year and it’s delicious, especially if you’re looking for something playful, eccentric, and easy. It’s very on-trend in today’s “Hey! Here’s a free printable that I found on Pinterest on a lifestyle blog about this girl who lives in a tiny house” world, but it can be used for an array of circumstances. It’s a breath of fresh air, the moment when that first sip of coffee hits your brain, a burst of surprise energy. You need this font in your life, right now.

Download Breakfast here, and check back soon to see what font we’ll feature next.

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