5 Home Gadgets Worth the Splurge

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Some home gadgets are a little ridiculous, and those are usually the ones that are extremely overpriced yet somehow totally appealing (like that clothes-steamer-slash-surface-cleaner you insisted would be life changing but have never touched), which is why we usually clear of expensive and complicated contraptions. You don’t need all those bells and whistles to feel at home.

However, we’ve discovered that they are some high-tech tools that no one should have to live without. These five gadgets and appliances are totally worth the splurge when it comes to upgrading your habitat.

1. Toto Washlet

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Turn toilet time into happy time with a heated seat, front and back bidet, dryer and deodorizer. And you can get all of that without replacing your toilet or adding a European one. All you have to do is swap out the crappy plastic seat for a Toto Washlet. Toto Washlets are easy to install and come with all those features and more as you move up in models—like the S350e ($1,500) that has a self-cleaning system. Going number one never felt so fun. From $599.

2. iRobot Roomba

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Cleaning’s never been easier thanks to this robotic vacuum that moves across the floor sucking up dirt and dust on its own. Suddenly, spilled cereal isn’t such a big deal. From $375.

3. Ninja Blenders and Processors

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Whether making soup, juice or pizza dough, the complete Ninja Kitchen System is perfect for a the health-conscious foodie who likes to get creative. $219.

4. Nest

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Never touch a thermostat again thanks to Nest, a smart climate control system that learns your habits and eventually takes care of the temperature for you. Nest saves money and energy, and can be easily accessed wherever you are via app. $249.

5. Eight

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Need a good night’s sleep? Forget the red wine and melatonin, just get a new mattress cover. Eight is a mattress cover with sensors that analyze over 15 factors, like sleep patterns and bedroom environment, to determine the conditions that lead you to the best rest. From $249.

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