This Studio Recreated the Game of Thrones Opening Using Stop Motion, Paper Cut Outs

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This Studio Recreated the Game of Thrones Opening Using Stop Motion, Paper Cut Outs

Despite revealing close to nothing about Game of Thrones sixth season, which is set to premiere on April 24, HBO is sure getting a lot of free press for it. Especially from the creative community.

We’ve already shared one artist’s renditions of some of GoT’s most famous characters in the style of Tim Burton animation, but now we have what is easily one of the most intricate and artistically stunning tributes to the show yet.

The Milan-based studio Dadomani has constructed a stop-motion animation model of the King’s Landing fortress. Initially, this may not seem like anything spectacular until you consider the 7,600 individual paper cutouts used to make it. Perhaps one of the greatest artistic and design feats created in the name of the hit political fantasy series, the 40-second clip allows viewers to watch turning cogs and gears slowly reveal a sprawling city of 3-dimensional buildings that are nearly identical to the fictional universe’s architectural style and landscape.

As the camera carefully sweeps over familiar locations from the series’ opening credits, you can easily identify its trademark landmarks and locations such as the village and the fortress that encompass King’s Landing.

The piece was created to promote Moleskine’s limited edition Game of Thrones notebook collection of four themed notebooks, which feature previously unreleased silkscreen prints from graphic designer Levente Szabò. Gracing the book’s insides are symbolic references to the Starks, Lannisters, and Targaryens. Purchasers will also find a depiction of the Iron Throne in the collector’s edition box set, as well as stickers and a paper banderole illustrating the genealogical tree of the three families.

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