Five Halloween Costumes We’re Predicting For 2013

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With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about that costume. And since a lot of folks will be trying to capture the zeitgeist of 2013, here are five costumes you’re bound to find at your local Halloween party.

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5. VMAs Miley Cyrus

The Tongue. The Bear. The Foam Finger. Since no one can stop talking about it, and because Miley’s new album, Bangerz, is coming out this October foreshadowing even more questionable imagery, there is guaranteed to be a lot of really bad, public twerking going on by people dressed as Miley (or Miley’s accessories) come Halloween.


4. Walter White – Breaking Bad

For his sheer badassery and spiral into crazy kingpin drug lord-dom, Walter White has amassed as many fans in real life as he has enemies on Breaking Bad. For every inescapable recap that clutters up the internet every week, there is bound to be a White impersonator on the streets come Oct. 31.

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3. Jaime Lannister – Game of Thrones

“There are no men like me. Only me,” said Jaime Lannister to Catelyn Stark once upon a time. This may be true, but there will be a lot of men attempting to look like the Kingslayer on Halloween. We’re predicting a lot of GOT die-hards will come out in full regalia as their favorite characters, but Lannister’s missing hand poses the most alluring costume challenge for imaginative fans to recreate.


2. Robin Thicke + His Naked Girls

Right now, frat boys across the nation are likely scheming with their lady friends to bring this ensemble to life. We’ll put money on it.


1. Pregnant Kim Kardashian

Judging by the explosion of vintage grandma couch comparisons following Kim’s off-theme floral choice for the Met Gala this year (the theme was PUNK…), we’re predicting a range of variations on this one, from pregnant Kim to the rumored couch that inspired her/she inspired.

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