Ikea Is Making $800 Bikes Now

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Because making only furniture is passé, Ikea has decided to branch out into the field of transportation. Last week, the Swedish company announced the release of the Sladda, a bike aimed squarely at the needs of modern city-dwellers.

The biggest advantage of the Sladda might be its durability. It’s chainless, using a corrosion-resistant cogged drive train and system of covered gears that won’t succumb to rust when left out in the rain, and its aluminum frame makes it light enough to easily be carried up and down stairs. Provided that its users use sturdy U-locks to secure the Sladda, it should last longer than a cheaper bike and require fewer repairs.

The price is one thing not to like so much—though American prices have not yet been revealed, the Sladda will cost $797 in Europe ($569 for members of Ikea’s family loyalty program). That’s on the upper end of the range for comfort bikes, but this might be a case where the extra use to be derived from the bike might eventually make it worth the extra expense.

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