Infographic: The Walking Dead By The Numbers

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Infographic: The Walking Dead By The Numbers

The Walking Dead is back and gorier than ever! Season five of the hit show premiered two weeks ago shattering cable records with 17.1 million viewers tuning in to see how Rick and the gang were faring in Terminus. In celebration of season five we’ve put together an infographic of some facts and figures about the show. How many times does Rick really say Carl? Daryl killed how many zombies? Will Carol and Daryl wind up together? (That’s a question we can’t answer, but we sure do hope so.) We also wanted to see a graphic of the group’s population and a map of where they traveled (approximately). Don’t forget to get prepared for a walker invasion with the apocalypse diet (canned goods, canned goods, some rabbit thrown in for variety and some more canned goods). Check out the infographic below and follow along with our reviews of the show.

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