Meet Colorable, The Color Contrast Checker For Designers

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Meet Colorable, The Color Contrast Checker For Designers

Finding the right color combination can take a design from “OK” to “amazing” pretty quickly, so it’s important to find colors that not only don’t clash, but bring out the best in each other. Enter Colorable, the tool web and print designers can use to test out different color combinations using their hex codes.

Developed by Jxnblk, the site is easy to use. Simply input the hex value for two colors, and the interface will rate the combination based on WCAG accessibility guidelines. This means users that are color blind or are otherwise visually impaired can still easily read the design. The better the contrast, the better the rating. A good color combo will display “AA” or “AAA” on Colorable, and “AALarge” and “AAALarge” are good color choices if the font is bold or larger than 24 px. “Fail” means, sorry, try again.

Besides making it easier for designers to be able to meet standard color contrast requirements, Colorable is fun to play with. Go forth and test!

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