NASA Released Three Beautiful Posters for their 2016 Jet Propulsion Lab Calendar

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Anyone up for a trip to Mars?

We know it’s not possible yet, but NASA is giving us some real imagination-porn with these posters they released, commissioned by Seattle-based firm Invisible Creature.




They are a part of the 2016 Jet Propulsion Lab calendar, an in-house gift for staff-members of JPL and NASA, as well as an assortment of contributors for NASA like scientists and engineers.

The posters are totally retro, really giving us a ‘60s-esque view of what advertising a trip to space might have looked like. Don Draper and his creative team could have designed this, if there was a story-arc on Mad Men surrounding space travel. (Too bad there wasn’t, right?)

These posters in particular were a family affair. Don and Ryan Clark are the brothers behind Invisible Creature, and their grandfather was an illustrator for NASA for 28 years. What a great way to keep something special in their family.

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