Paste 101: Desk Organization

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Paste 101: Desk Organization

While the thought of a neat and tidy home office may be one of the most daunting aspirations when it comes to maintaining a room of your own, there is something to be said for a desk with everything in its right place. This romantic notion is the perfect locale to house all those important “adulating” papers, i.e. bills, current and past, as well as a place to hold creative aspirations, those knick knacks you can’t quite part with and even a surface to keep your keys at the end of a long day. That being said, a desk can wear many hats in the home.

1. Regroup

With back-to-school season underway say it ain’t so! a little time spent reorganizing never hurt, especially after a long summer of neglect. Vintage accents, DIY touches and the occasional practical addition are just a few ways to get your desk back to functional.

2. Use the Wall

When it comes to getting organized, it is best to think outside the box, or in this case: above the desk. This wall space is prime real estate for shelves, wall hangings or corkboards. A handy dandy notepad makes the occasional to-do list a no-brainer. If inspiration is what you seek, add a mirror or photographs for visual appeal.

3. Concentrate on Color

A coordinated color scheme can leave even the messiest space looking spick and span so if staying organized and keeping all your pens and pencils in a row has proven to be a futile endeavor, try a muted palate. Monochromatic desks paired with matching chairs, shelves and lamps will always look chic and together, even if a mess of papers and takeout menus lay within the closed drawers. For the color-obsessed, the understated home office color scheme really comes alive if a bold accent color is introduced to break up the monotony.

4. File Away

If your filing system has fallen to shambles or stacks of magazines and has you, and your desk, living under a pile of clutter, baskets and decorative holders are a must to keep life’s papers under control. Be sure to purge the unnecessary and recycle that outdated Vogue from August 2006.

5. Keep Your Accessories Together

Not too proud to ask for help, another trick of the trade to keeping a desk in top form is giving all the desk accessories a place to live. Heavy duty and uniform, organizer trays keep all desk needs in a row and ready to go. Gone are the days of searching for scotch tape or a stamp! Keep these trays on a shelf or in a drawer, either way, this functional little tool will be sure to excite the kindergartner in all of us, bringing back the days of brand new school supplies and freshly sharpened pencils.

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