Single-Serving Saturdays: I Love You Like A Fat Lady Loves Apples

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Welcome to the first installment of Single-Serving Saturdays, a place to uncover and discuss the weird but beautiful sites that lie hidden in the deep abyss of the internet. A single-serving site is a website with one page and a single function, the purposes often unclear and varied in theme. Chances are, enough of these exist that you’ve come across them before (my favorites being Is It Christmas and Bees!), but either haven’t known what to make of them, or soaked in the information and moved on. We’re taking the time now to highlight the most creative, and best designed single-serving sites, based on a criteria as quirky and amorphous as the sites themselves. Have one you’d like to see us review? Email us at
[email protected]

Week One: I Love You Like a Fat Lady Loves Apples
At first glance, you see a crudely-drawn woman sitting at a chair in front of an apple. If you move your mouse across the screen, you’ll notice her hand follows your gesture, and she closes her fingers if you click. If you’re smart and good at deduction, you’ll realize you’re supposed to make her eat the apple. What happens if she eats the apple? What happens if she eats … a lot of apples?

The Facts:

The Creators: Geoffrey Lillemon and Random Studio, for Valentine’s Day. How this says to someone, “you’re the apple of my eye,” we’re not sure, but hey, it’s Art.
Sound: The animation does indeed play sound, so you might need to be in a quiet room to really get the whole “disturbed” vibe
SFW: Do you work in the kind of place that’s cool with apple-related violence?
Time: I could honestly play on this indefinitely. The animation is fascinating, and I have so many questions. Whose foot is that? Why does she love apples so much?
Educational Value: Good reminder to eat your fruits, kids!
Likelihood You’ll Develop a Fear of Fishnets: Medium to High

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