Your Favorite Font Now Comes in Coffee Form

Have your Helvetica and drink it, too.

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Your Favorite Font Now Comes in Coffee Form

The world’s most recognizable typeface, Helvetica, has transcended its font form and made its way into your morning cup of joe.

Instant coffee subscription brand Sudden Coffee introduced their first custom blend named after the beloved sans-serif in April, to the joy of typography nerds everywhere. Because it’s not enough that subway signs everywhere are plastered with it—it’s worth drinking too, right?

Head of coffee Umeko Motoyoshi says in a blog post the blend is a mix of dark chocolatey Honduran coffee, from Piedras Amarillas and La Colmena, with the zesty citrus taste of Colombia’s Yacuanquer Region. Simple tastes for simple typefaces.

Think Sudden Coffee’s Helvetica does Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann’s legacy justice? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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