Adelbert’s Barrel-Aged Naked Nun

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Adelbert’s Barrel-Aged Naked Nun

While a naked nun may be Hank Moody’s fantasy, Adelbert’s Naked Nun is a fantasy come true for the rest of us. Adelbert’s in Austin takes pride in its Belgian-style, bottle-conditioned ales. And they have every right to be that proud, especially after winning a gold medal for this Belgian Wit at the 2013 World Beer Championships. The Naked Nun is a barrel-aged dream come true, as the usage of oak (saturated with hints of wine) adds a ton of layers and flavor to this beer.

Upon first sip, there is a spice. The beer is brewed with citrus notes and a definite spice I had trouble putting my finger on. After a bit of research, it was clear that I tasted the cloves, which give a woody, almost dill flavor to the beer. There is also a tart finish, thanks possibly to the barrels that the beer was aged in.

It’s also a bit heavier than you might expect. Don’t let the cloudy golden color fool you; Naked Nun is not as light a beer as you would think. It has a medium body and a long, sustained finish. This is the type of beer you’d imagine being popular in Belgium or Germany, served up with some smoked meats and cheeses.

It has depth, and so much character that Mr. Moody would be just fine with this fantasy.

Brewery: Adelbert’s
City: Austin, Texas
Style: Belgian Wit
ABV: 5.8%

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