Miller Lite Is Giving Away Free Cases of Beer on Leap Day

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Miller Lite Is Giving Away Free Cases of Beer on Leap Day

Surely you’re aware that Paste is largely a craft beer publication, but we’re on the record as saying that when we drink cheap domestic lager, it’s probably going to be a Miller product. This stance was hammered home when we blind-tasted 30 cheap macro lagers, and found that no fewer than four out of the top five were produced by Miller. That included #5 finisher Miller Lite, which handily bested its two biggest competitors (Bud Light and Coors Light) to become the clear best of the mass-market premium adjunct lagers.

Which is all to say: We don’t mind the occasional can of fizzy, mild Miller Lite, and we certainly wouldn’t pass up an opportunity for a free case … which is exactly what the brand is offering all U.S. consumers on Leap Day. In a plan that seems almost suspiciously generous, Miller Lite will be refunding customers for cases of the beer they purchase on Feb. 29, celebrating the first Saturday Leap Day that has occurred since 1992.

Typically, one would expect this type of promotion to have weird rules, or only be applicable in certain cities, but to their credit, the folks at Miller Lite have made this about as open as it’s possible to be. All you have to do is literally purchase a case of Miller Lite on Feb. 29, and then hold on to the receipt. The Miller Lite social accounts will then post a QR code on Leap Day, which will offer refunds to anyone who purchased a case—limit one per customer, of course. But bingo, there’s your free case of beer. Not a bad deal by any means, if you ask us.

So go ahead and enjoy the novelty of your Saturday Leap Day, beer in hand. You could drink some craft beer as well, maybe? Just a thought.

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