Drake’s Denogginizer

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Drake’s Denogginizer

Drake’s Denogginizer is an Imperial IPA that doesn’t hide its agenda. From that unique name to the “9.75% ALC/VOL.” printed in red on the label, Drake’s Brewing Company makes it clear what you’re in for when you pop the cap. Cancel my afternoon appointments, Brenda; I feel a flu coming on.

Don’t misunderstand: This is a top notch IPA with a head that outlasts most child stars’ careers and a body the color of burled walnut. The Denogginizer’s flavor profile is pretty straightforward for an IPA, but that’s not a criticism; after all, I want my Italian sports cars to drive like Italian sports cars and my Adam Sandler movies to always leave me wondering how I’ll get that 90 minutes of my life back. My point is this: This beer is hoppy with an undefined citrus note and a slightly bitter aftertaste—-exactly what one expects from an IPA.

The nose on this brew is either really subtle or late summer allergies have affected my rather pronounced proboscis. Hard as I try, I don’t pick up much of a bouquet here beyond that subtle hint of citrus.

So, yeah. Come for the almost 10% ABV, but stay for the tasty IPA. Drake’s Denogginizer is well worth your adult beverage dollar.

Brewery: Drake’s Brewing Co.
?City: San Leandro, Calif.?
Style: Imperial IPA?
ABV: 9.75%?
IBU: 90?
Availability: Year-round

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