The Alcohol-Free Celebratory Drinks We’re Sipping on New Year’s Eve (and During Dry January)

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The Alcohol-Free Celebratory Drinks We’re Sipping on New Year’s Eve (and During Dry January)

There are few holidays I take as seriously as New Year’s Day. My entire apartment will be clean when I wake up. I will feel refreshed and ready to tackle my resolutions. I will not be nauseous from eating 14 brownies the night before (yes, this did happen once). And most importantly, I refuse to be hungover. There is nothing more depressing to me than waking up on the first day of the year in an alcohol-induced haze. That means that I always limit myself to two (okay, maybe two and a half) glasses of Champagne on New Year’s Eve.

But if you’re like me and want something to sip on while you’re celebrating, you’re in luck. As interest in the sober-curious movement grows, more and more alcohol-free drinks hit the market. The following are some of my absolute favorites. Catch me drinking these on New Year’s Eve, during Dry January and beyond.

Little Saints Negroni Spritz

There’s no denying that the negroni had a moment this year, and the negroni sbagliato craze indicates that people do, in fact, love bubbles in their negronis. That’s why the Little Saints Negroni Spritz is at the top of our list. Its bold notes of orange rind and juniper are complemented by bitters, which give the drink a distinctly cocktail-like feel. It also contains 10 mg of CBD along with reishi mushroom extract, so there’s a chance it’ll aid in relaxation even as you celebrate the new year. Little Saints sells other mocktails, like a paloma, a spicy margarita and even a ginger mule, but the negroni spritz is by far my favorite.

MXXN Jalisco Agave

If you’re looking for a bit of a buzz without any of the alcohol, you may want to turn to MXXN’s Jalisco Agave. I won’t lie, I was a little bit shocked at how delicious this THC mixer is. Add it to a homemade margarita mix, and you’ll see what all the hype is about—it seriously tasted like a top-quality margarita. The entire bottle is 100 mg, so be sure to take it slow, especially if you’re not used to taking edibles. This is an especially fun option to share with a group, and it’s not going to leave anyone with a hangover the next day. Try the London Dry or the Kentucky Oak if margaritas aren’t really your thing.

Spindrift Nojito

If you’re a big sparkling water person, you’ve got to get your hands on Spindrift’s Nojito in the new year. As the name suggests, it’s inspired by the cocktail, but it doesn’t contain any of the headache-inducing rum or sugar. The lime and mint flavor combo is delicious but just subtle enough to sip on all night, and the bubbles make it ultra-refreshing. Spindrift is already known for its top-quality soda-like sparkling waters, so it’s no surprise that this new addition to the brand’s lineup is just as fun as the classics.


There are plenty of cannabis-infused beverages out there that contain only a few milligrams of THC, but if you’re looking for something a bit stronger, you can turn to alcohol-free cocktail brand Klaus. These ready-to-drink cocktails are easy to crack open when you’re celebrating, and they contain a whopping 10 mg of THC per drink. The Mezzrole, which contains ginger, lime and rice vinegar is surprisingly complex and is guaranteed to make your night more interesting. Plus, I love that it’s fast-acting—you’re not going to be waiting two hours for this stuff to kick in.

Ghia Le Spritz

Ghia has taken the alcohol-free world by storm, and I’m personally in love with the Le Spritz line. Three flavors (ginger, soda and lime & salt) mean that you can please everyone at your NYE party. Snag a 12-pack if you’re just having a few friends over, or go for the 108-pack if you’re throwing a proper booze-free celebration. Just make sure to save some for me.

Samantha Maxwell is a food writer and editor based in Boston. Follow her on Twitter at @samseating.

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