Founders All Day IPA

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Founders All Day IPA

Sessionability is the key to a perfect warm-weather lawn mower beer. A refreshing pint on a hot day can make your task list a lot more enjoyable, but India pale ales are often too heavy-duty to make the cut for anyone who wants to be able to maintain cognitive function after a few cold ones. The good news is serious hopheads looking for a lower-test solution for quenching their thirst will find much to love about Founders All Day IPA.

With its modest 4.7% ABV, this light golden brew is surprisingly sessionable without sacrificing the style’s hop-forward flavor. A strong grapefruit aroma preps the palate for the opening volley of crisp bitterness that hits you on the first few sips. The citrus bombardment initially overpowers the delicate light body, which might catch you off guard if you’re expecting the malty counter-balance that a typical 42 IBU beer might command. A few minutes in, however, it settles into a more harmonious balance as the beer begins to warm a bit in the can. Not that it’ll last that long — it goes down dangerously easy, thanks to the clean finish.

The fact that All Day IPA is Founders’ first canned beer feels appropriate, as it completes the trifecta of bold flavor, great drinkability, and easy portability that makes for a perfect summer brew. Don’t sweat winter’s impeding arrival, however, because this once-seasonal offering is now brewed year-round.

Brewery: Founders Brewing Co.
City: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Hops Used: Simco, Amarillo
ABV: 4.7%
IBU: 42

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