An Inflatable Irish Pub is Now Available for Events

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Have you always dreamt of having an old Irish pub right in your backyard? It doesn’t have to be a pipe dream anymore—an inflatable Irish pub is now a real thing, in real life.

The Paddy Wagon Pub, out of Boston, is inspired by children’s inflatable bouncy castles—it’s entirely mobile and comes with a variety of beer, wine and pub food. The “pub” features “authentic” decor anyone would expect of their local Irish pub: wood, brickwork, a chimney, a fireplace and light fixtures are all painted onto the vinyl. The largest inflatable size accommodates 80 guests, but a smaller-sized pub is also available.

The inflatable pub team brings the pub to customers, sets it up, caters and serves at events. Unfortunately, the service is currently limited to the greater Boston area, but perhaps this will spur other inflatably designed venues—an inflatable dive bar? A blow-up brewery? A bouncy club? The possibilities are endless.

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