Modern Times Fruitlands (Passionfruit & Guava)

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Modern Times Fruitlands (Passionfruit & Guava)

I’ve written a good bit about my deep love for goses in the summer. While I definitely reach for IPAs and stouts in the winter months, goses have become my go-to when the weather gets warm.

Lucky for me, there are a ton of California breweries (as well as others around the country) that are trying their hand at the style, and making some pretty fantastic stuff. I’ve really been enjoying Modern Times’ Fruitlands series, and this past weekend I had the chance to try the Passion Fruit and Guava version at one of my favorite local beer spots.

The Fruitlands series is all made with the same sour, salty base beer. From there, the brewery adds fruit to give the gose a distinctive flavor. March through May, Apricot is available. October through January you’ll find sour cherry, and June through September the Passion Fruit/Guava version is on store shelves (or on tap as the case may be).

After a day of drinking in the sun, this one was perfect.

The passion fruit and guava gives it a tropical flavor that pairs nicely with the base beer, making the brew taste something more akin to a nice fruity punch than a beer, although certainly not as sweet. Passionfruit is definitely the star with this one, but you get a little bit of guava as well, especially on the nose.

While I ended my day with this, I could certainly see it being a great one to kick the day off with instead. I could have crushed a few of these if I wasn’t already a few beers in. If you find yourself somewhere with this on tap, especially if it’s a hot day, do yourself a favor and grab one (or 5, I won’t tell).

Breweries: Modern Times
City: San Diego, CA
Style: Gose
Availability: June through September

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