Odell Tree Shaker Imperial Peach IPA

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Odell Tree Shaker Imperial Peach IPA

Since Georgia is the Peach State, we were both excited about Odell’s new Imperial Peach IPA and a little suspicious of a beer made from Colorado peaches. The brewers used 3,000 pounds of pureed peaches, but it doesn’t taste overly fruity. The dry malts of the Odell IPA (which recently made it to the Final Four in our IPA Challenge) come through stronger in Tree Shaker than both the peach and hop flavors, giving it a slightly boozy kick that hints at its 9.7% ABV.

Not quite a fruit beer and certainly not a hop-bomb, it’s nonetheless a refreshing drink for warmer Spring months. “Colorado grows some incredible fruit,” says Odell’s Brent Cordle. “We’ve explored beers with local cherries, raspberries and peaches. Tree Shaker is a great example of how hoppy beers can be enhanced with a subtle fruit character.”

Tree Shaker is part of the 24-year-old Colorado brewery’s Cellar Series and comes in a 750 mL bottle topped with cork and cage.It’s available throughout Odell’s 10-state distribution area.

Brewery: Odell
City: Fort Collins, Colo.
Style: Peach Imperial IPA
ABV: 9.7%

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