Adidas Is Making “Beer and Puke Repellent” Shoes for Oktoberfest

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Adidas Is Making “Beer and Puke Repellent” Shoes for Oktoberfest

Are you headed to Munich for Oktoberfest this year? Beginning Sept. 16, the multi-week event is the world’s biggest beer festival, but with such scale comes a few unavoidable hazards to your precious footwear. Namely, spilled beer, and the aftereffect of massive beer consumption: Pools of vomit.

But fear not, Adidas apparently has you covered. They claim to have invented some stylish new sneakers that not only will carry you around the festival in style, but will actually repel “beer and puke.” Check out the hype reel below:

The obvious question is “how well do these actually work when you spill beer on them?” The video doesn’t actually bother to show off any of those so-called “repellent” qualities, so we can’t say for sure. We can, however, say that they look pretty fly.

The shoes are manufactured in Germany and are available for a limited time from retailer 43 Einhalb. They’ll run you a mere 200 Euro—ouch. Even by inflated Oktoberfest prices, that’s a hell of a lot of beer and sausage you’re giving up for some new puke-repellent kicks. Let’s hope they work as well as advertised. Prost!

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