We Finally Try Weed-Infused Wine

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We Finally Try Weed-Infused Wine

Rebel Coast treated me to a sample of their dealcoholized, THC-infused Sauvignon Blanc. As always, we at Paste are exceedingly serious about delivering thoroughly researched content on Adult Bevvies, and when you have to take one for the team and drink Devil’s Lettuce Sauv Blanc in the name of journalism? Well, Sir, you pretty much do it.

Here’s your FAQ:

So, like… does it taste good?

Rebel Coast also makes plain ol’ non-infused wine, but obviously this is a bit of a different animal. Now, “grassy” is a descriptor that comes up frequently with Sauvignon Blanc-but not quite like this. So if you like the aromatics and flavor notes of pot, you will probably like the way this wine tastes, and if you don’t, you might not. It’s not super subtle; there are distinct notes of lemon pith, peach and Aunt Mary to this stuff. The winemaker’s notes say there’s more of a hash-tastic note on the nose and more of a wine thing on the palate. I experienced the opposite, a typical (if muted) Sauv Blanc nose and a significant Giggle-Smoke note on the palate. The finish is resinous, slightly bitter. You are definitely aware that you are not drinking “normal” wine.

How much Bubonic Chronic is in this stuff?

Approximately 5 mg of THC per glass.

Yeah that means nothing to me: Is that a lot of THC?

No. It’s a pretty modest dose. Which is a good thing because you won’t know how you react to it until you… react to it. At which point you can add more THC to your system but you know what, you really cannot subtract it. So, I am someone who is… sensitive to this particular compound. Often sensitive in a sub-optimal way (think panic attack). It took two glasses of this stuff to make me aware that something chemical was going on (that’s the approximate tipping point for me to notice alcohol as well).

So did you get insanely high?

No, not at all insane (and, as noted, that card’s in the deck with this intrepid investigator). I felt mildly altered. In fact, the feeling was really quite similar to the “take the edge off” factor of an equivalent amount of regular wine, in terms of intensity. But the quality of what I felt was different (I’m not sure if this will resonate, but I “feel” alcohol in my head. I felt this stuff primarily in my chest). Like a weird warm feeling. Not overpowering and decidedly pleasant. Also it hits your system considerably faster than traditional edibles, so you know relatively quickly when you’ve had enough and you don’t end up the way I did that one time in college when I really wish someone had explained to me that eating weed is a really, really different experience than taking a hit off a joint. Whew.

Did you freak out?


There are so many “strains” now; what kind is in this wine?

I don’t know if it’s one specific cultivar or a blend, but I do know it’s a sativa type (perky high), rather than an indica (Domino’s on speed-dial couch potato high). That said, it made me feel more chilled out than revved up. Effects last about three hours.

Why is the alcohol removed?

Well, for several reasons, including that it isn’t legal to sell products that combine the two. Which is fine, really, because combining them can make bad things happen, like paranoia, panic, and the dreaded “greening out” effect. They also wanted this stuff specifically to be a way to enjoy the effects of THC. Two handy side effects of removing the alcohol from this stuff? That removes most of the calories too, so a glass of this juice is 35 calories rather than 110. Also, you will not get a hangover. This is a good thing.

I am a total wine snob. Will I think this is delicious fine wine or will my incredibly sensitive palate be offended?

In all honesty? B is a likely answer. If you drink it expecting the same experience as pouring yourself a glass of top-notch Sancerre, you’re potentially in for a letdown. If you think of it as a THC experience more than a wine experience, you should be good.

Is this… you know, medicinal?

Rebel Coast THC Infused Sauvignon Blanc contains THC. Whole cannabis has a lot of bioactive compounds, and they have different effects. THC is one of about 100 cannabinoids found in Wacky Tabaccy. It is the one that’s pretty much responsible for Getting You High. But that’s not its only property; it also stimulates appetite, and has sedative and analgesic properties. Whether it’s specifically good for what ails you, that’d be between you and a qualified medical practitioner, right?

Can you… age this wine like a normal one?

Unlikely. The product is so new there is not hard data on this yet, but with the alcohol removed and the THC added, its shelf stability is probably pretty different. Rebel Coast recommends consuming within about nine months of purchase.

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