Run The Jewels Announce Their Second Craft Beer, Panther Like a Panther Stout

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Run The Jewels Announce Their Second Craft Beer, Panther Like a Panther Stout

Who knew that the hip-hop duo that make our heads bob up and down with killer music could get us tipsy as well? El-P and Killer Mike, better known as Run The Jewels, have announced plans to release their second craft beer, the Panther Like a Panther Stout, later this month. The duo collaborated with three top craft breweries to make this one-of-a-kind stout: New York’s Interboro, Pipeworks of Chicago and J. Wakefield in Miami.

The Panther Like a Panther Stout follows RTJ’s 2017 craft beer debut: their hop-heavy Stay Gold IPA. Unlike their last beer endeavor, which featured a single recipe for the multiple brewers involved, Panther Like a Panther is using three distinct recipes, crafted by each individual brewing partner. Interboro, for instance, is said to be making a traditional stout while Pipeworks is brewing a porter blended with a bourbon barrel-aged beer. J. Wakefield, on the other hand, is said to be brewing a coffee-infused stout with beans courtesy of Miami’s Panther Coffee. Artwork for the beer label was created by legendary artist Jermaine Rogers, known for his posters for David Bowie, The Beastie Boys, Melvins, Radiohead, Foo Fighters and many more.

This still-to-be-released brew is said to be the first of several yet to come—RTJ has said they will release three other beverages later this year. Legend Has It Pilsner is slated for an April release, with Down Double IPA set for October. The duo will also collaborate with Berlin’s BRLO craft brewery to produce a CBD-infused version of Legend Has It Pilsner, available across only Europe starting on April 20 of this year (sorry, America).

All the beers announced currently are named after songs off of RTJ’s latest and greatest, RTJ3, with which the group has experienced tremendous success. Last year, El-P teased the next installment of the RTJ saga, RTJ4, in a Twitter post, hinting at the album with the caption “filthy, dirty, dusty plans unfolding.”

RTJ fans will have to wait on an official album announcement as the group continues to kill it, not only in the studio, but in the breweries, as well. In the meantime, Panther Like a Panther is set to be released as a porter at Pipeworks Chicago, on Feb. 17, as a stout at Interboro on Feb. 24, and as a stout with coffee in Miami this April for a special double release. See the Rogers-illustrated poster, along with the bottle design from Interboro and Pipeworks, below.

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