This App Gets You A ‘Free’ Cocktail Everyday for $10/Month

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This App Gets You A ‘Free’ Cocktail Everyday for $10/Month

What if I told you that you could get a handcrafted cocktail at a popular local bar every single day of the week for less than $.50?

An app called Hooch does just that. Available in major cities such as New York, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, the app gives users a free drink each day at one of 25 partner bars in their city for just $9.99 per month. If you’re like me and live in a major city, that $10 is actually less than what I often have to pay for a single cocktail when I go out…and you get 30 of them (or 31 depending on the month).

This week the app is adding a new feature: the ability to give your friend a free drink as well. Free cocktails are great and all, but drinking alone is, well, most of the time not. With a new gifting feature, Hooch users can gift one free drink to each of their friends that don’t have the app, allowing them to imbibe along with you at that local hot spot after work.


The link (that you send via text to your partner in crime) triggers a download of the app, and allows your friend to bypass the part where they have to input a credit card and skip right to the free drink. The trick only works once, so if you head out with the same person often they’ll have to get the app as well or start paying for cocktails. And it goes without saying, but you should both be generous tippers when you’re redeeming that free one.

Hooch is currently available in Austin, Dallas, Hong Kong, LA, Miami, New York, and starting today, San Francisco. It’s slated to come to more cities including Phoenix, San Diego, and Detroit, Washington DC, and more soon.

You can check out Hooch (and snag a free one for yourself) by downloading the app for your iPhone or Android device using this link.

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