Uproot Sauvignon Blanc: Unpretentious And Fun. No Really.

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Uproot Sauvignon Blanc: Unpretentious And Fun. No Really.

I’m a sucker for pretty packaging except when it comes to wine. If a bottle is pretty on the outside, I’m all but convinced the winemakers are compensating for something lacking on the inside. But, I also believe that the exception proves the rule. (Wine) case in point: Uproot.

Not only is the bottle striking upon first glance, but it represents a whole new approach to making wines, that’s, well, more approachable. Rather than slap their name on the front, each wine variety has a color code representing its flavor palette. The larger the color block, the more pronounced the flavor notes.

I had the pleasure of trying their 2011 Sauvignon Blanc (Uproot also produces a Grenache). Taking their label into account, I was expecting a sweet beginning. I never tasted the melon (the largest color block on the label) but rather had a clean, crisp dry experience from start to lingering finish. Heavy on the citrus with a glint of grassiness, it would make a great summer sipping wine, but I enjoyed it just as much on a mild fall evening with edamame hummus and crackers. That’s just my palette. You may have a totally different take, which I think is kind of the point.

Uproot’s fresh, down-to-earth style reminds us that wine, and the conversation it uncorks, should be fun. The wine and people who make it put off a sophisticated yet affable vibe, not unlike that of a high-end call girl (the virtuous kind who does it to put herself through med school). Unfortunately, it has the price tag to match.

Winery: Uproot
Location: Napa Valley
Style: Sauvignon Blanc

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