Blend in with the Liquor Aisle by Rocking This Ridiculous “Bourbon Camouflage”

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Blend in with the Liquor Aisle by Rocking This Ridiculous “Bourbon Camouflage”

Are you a bourbon hunter? Do you scour the package store in an endless quest for “dusties” and rare, limited release whiskeys? Well, then—do we have a fashion development for you. Now, you can be both functional and nigh-on invisible in the package store aisles, thanks to the wonders of “Bourbon Camouflage®”.

No, really. The above shirt, and several other variations, were created by VisitLEX, the tourism/visitor’s center for the city of Lexington, KY, in recognition of its status as one of the holy grails of bourbon tourism. The city is home to more than 14 distilleries in its immediate vicinity, including the likes of Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve and Wild Turkey. So why not equip the bourbon hunters to hunt at their best, right?

The garments are available in three different styles modeled after different stores, including Kroger and Liquor Barn, but certainly none is classier than the Rite Aid model, with its plastic caps on each bottle designed to stop you from walking out the front doors with a cheap bottle of bourbon shoved down your pants. Don’t even bother acting like you could resist such a shirt.

bourbon camo rite aid (Custom).jpg

And here it is again, modeled by our lovely assistant.

Bourbon Camo-9499 (Custom).jpg

It’s likely safe to say that these pieces of “Bourbon Camouflage” are available in limited quantities, and can only be had at the VisitLEX Visitor Center on Friday, June 14 at 10 a.m. So, if you’re not doing anything that weekend, and you’ve always wanted to pay a visit to one of Kentucky’s most whiskey-reverent towns, you might want to give Lexington your consideration.

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