Beyonce Increased Sales for Red Lobster with a Single Song Lyric

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Red Lobster sales increased 33% after the release of Beyonce’s new single “Formation.” The lyric suggested that after good sex, women should take their men to Red Lobster as a reward; “When he fucks me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster.”

This shoutout by Beyonce increased next-day sales and possibly led to an increase in women sleeping with their partners for the sole purpose of doing what Beyonce claims she does.

Unlike Patti LaBelle, who refused to give a viral Youtuber credit for her pie sales increase, Red Lobster is giving thankful for Beyonce’s blessing. The official twitter account for Red Lobster tweeted:

In a major turn of events, some fans were highly displeased with the horrid pun. One fan tweeted in response:

In response, Red Lobster made another cringe-worthy attempt at internet humor, which resulted in some fans requesting the termination of the social media manager.

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