This Girl Scout is Selling Cookies In Front of a Marijuana Dispensary

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In Portland, Oregon, a local Girl Scout decided that the best way to raise money for horse camp was to target high customers by selling cookies in front of a marijuana dispensary.

The girl who was being supervised by her aunt set up a table in front of Foster Buds Marijuana Dispensary with a sign that read “Satisfy your munchies.” Within moments of arranging the table, they received a line of customers. Unsurprisingly they exceeded their goal for the day.

The aunt told KATU News, “The Girl Scouts organization said they don’t condone this, but it’s not against the rules.” A spokesperson for Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington told KATU that they “recommend that if a minor cannot enter a premises unaccompanied, she should not sell Girl Scout Cookies in front of the premises.”

Fortunately for the girls, their aunt has taught them a valuable lesson in capitalism and the importance of a business’s location. Look at how legal marijuana is benefiting local communities!

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