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Among the vast differences that draw out vehement disagreements and thick dividing lines, there are a few things that Americans can (mostly) agree on. Those things include our collective love of ordering food to our doors. Now, thanks to Eater, a map of the most delivered food in almost every state is available.

Eater asked GrubHub and DoorDash to share their data about their most popular items by state, and the variety of go-to foods is pretty remarkable. According to Eater, “The number of orders for buffalo chicken pitas in Alabama is 201 percent higher than the baseline order volume for buffalo pitas in the U.S. as a whole.”

Pizza, chicken and Chinese food are—not surprisingly—the most popular overall, but certain states have interesting delivery preferences. Seafood is the most popular item in California, salad is the most delivered item in New Mexico, pasta is the most delivered item in Missouri and Kansas, and the folks in Utah seem to really love cinnamon sticks.

Take the map with a grain of salt, though, because the data collected did not include orders directly to pizza places or Chinese restaurants, which may skew the data quite a bit.

See the map for yourself below (click to enlarge), and check out the other graphs that Eater compiled here.

America's Delivery Preferences Map

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