Ben & Jerry’s Creates New Ice Cream Flavor for Democracy

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Ben & Jerry’s is creating a new legend-dairy ice cream flavor to fight corruption in the American government. The new flavor, “Empower Mint,” which is a peppermint ice cream with fudge brownies and fudge swirls mixed in, protests the Supreme Court’s repeal of the Voting Rights Act, aims to increase voter participation and brings attention to big business’ intervention in politics.

“We must stand together and call on our leaders to not only reauthorize the Voting Rights Act, but to fight back against new laws that undermine our freedom to vote, ensuring a democracy that works for everyone,” reads the product description. This new ice cream flavor is part of a Ben & Jerry’s campaign in support of the NAACP’s get-out-the-vote efforts called “Democracy Is In Your Hands;

All proceeds from Ben & Jerry’s Empower Mint will go towards the NAACP of North Carolina. Ben & Jerry’s is focused on North Carolina because last month, North Carolina passed a strict voter ID law that required photo IDs to vote, prevented registering to vote and voting on the same day, shortened the time period for early voting and banned pre-registering people to vote before turning 18.

Ben & Jerry’s has had a long history of coming up with ice cream flavors inspired by pop culture including “I Dough, I Dough,” which fought for same-sex marriage, and “Imagine Whirled Peace” inspired by John Lennon.

“Empower Mint” can be found in grocery stores or at Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shops.

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