There’s a Petition to Make Tacos the State Food of Texas

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There’s a Petition to Make Tacos the State Food of Texas

Live in Texas? Love tacos? You’ll be glad to here there’s now a petition to make tacos the official state food of Texas. The petition was started by “Taco Journalist” (um, dream job?) and co-author of Tacos of Texas Mando Rayo, along with the Texas Taco Council.

Currently, chili con carne is the state food of Texas, but Rayo and his friends make a compelling argument for the taco. They’re getting pretty close their signature goal, too, with 738 supporters. Rayo describes the taco as something distinct to Texas, stating on the petition website, “Whether you grew up here in Texas or you got here as soon as you could, you’re eating tacos. In Texas, people eat tacos on a weekly basis. Hell, tacos were here before Texas was Texas!” A very good point, we must say.

Recently, tacos have experienced something of a renaissance as they have become both a trendy food truck option and an acceptable entree for fine dining. While “tacos al pastor” has only recently entered the East Coast lexicon, in the Lone Star State, tacos have been a way of life for centuries. Rayo explains:

Tacos are more than just this new trendy food. We’ve been eating tacos from our abuelita’s kitchens way before the days of the Alamo. It’s pretty much part of our daily diet and people in Texas are die-hard taco fans, whether it’s fighting over breakfast tacos, brisket tacos or showing our love for traditional al pastor, carnitas or fajitas

Mmmmm. Is it lunch time yet?

You can sign Rayo’s petition here, watch the Tacos of Texas book trailer below to learn why he thinks tacos should take the national stage—and enjoy some yummy shots of sizzling tacos while you’re at it—and read Paste’s interview with Rayo and co-author Jarod Neece here, in which they discuss breakfast taco rivalries and the American dream of taco trucks on every corner. As for the Texas Taco Council, you can check out their extremely aesthetically pleasing website for upcoming events and taco news, or their Facebook page for updates on taco parties.

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