Man Turns a Quadcopter into RC Millennium Falcon

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Man Turns a Quadcopter into RC Millennium Falcon

We’re not sure why this isn’t on shelves in every toy store across the planet. YouTuber and Star Wars super fan Olivier C. has recreated the Millennium Falcon using a remote controlled quadcopter. Constructed from a foam shell, the spacecraft is decked out with thruster lights, directional lights, a turret and a radio antenna. Step-by-step instructions on how he built the replica can be read on RC Groups Forums.

Naturally, children would never find time to do their homework if they had access to this baby. They would be too busy flying it into the neighbor’s yard or pestering the family pet. Still, they would definitely be the coolest kids on the block.

Olivier has already confirmed his next project on Reddit, a layout for an RC TIE Fighter. Now if he would only get to work on an Imperial AT-AT Walker, he could have a potential business on his hands. People would line up for one of those.

Check out the video above!

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