Company Behind Botched Spider-Man Musical Is Giving us A Live-Action Transformers Event

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The disaster that was Broadway’s Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark is getting a sequel … sort of.

The production company behind the infamous musical event, as well as the short-lived Marvel Experience, is taking its newest act Transformers: Live to the stages of China, a nation Hollywood knows loves its Transformers. S2BN Entertainment is working with the Chinese film company DMG on the production, which will make its 2017 debut in an undisclosed city.

Deadline reported that the event will be an action-adventure spectacle, theme park attraction and theatrical show all in one. It will also feature a 4,500 capacity, live-action robots and special effects. It’s the first show of its kind based on Hasbro’s famous alien robots, and will feature “intense action, beautiful visual moments, an emotionally engaging story, lots of humor and rousing music,” according to S2BN Entertainment chairman Michael Cohl.

It remains to be seen if anyone will get seriously injured during this particular production, although giant robots would presumably offer plenty of opportunities. At the very least, China’s current infatuation with the franchise will (hopefully) keep it in production longer than S2BN’s three week Marvel disaster.

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