Star Wars Gets Campy, Guardians of the Galaxy-Inspired Recut

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Star Wars Gets Campy, Guardians of the Galaxy-Inspired Recut

When the first trailers for Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy started popping up this year, it was hard not to notice the similarities between the film and space tales of canonical status. There was a massive scale of effects, yet an apparent heart that kept the story grounded. Hope was reborn for a new age of an acceptably soft heart surrounded by an armor of cool characters and progressive effects. When Youtuber The Unusual Suspect realized these similarities, they decided to apply theory to possibility.

The trailer mash-up overdubs major components of Guardians of the Galaxy’s score and sound effects with Star Wars footage and dialogue. It meshes clips from all three of the originals films, creating a best-of montage that comes together for a trilogy narrative. What makes it so powerful, however, is how classic moments from films decades old are re-animated through modern editing techniques.

While Star Wars packed an acceptably campy punch, Guardians of the Galaxy is being brought to us in a day and age of irony and dark humor. Comedy today is less apparent, and wit is expected to be quicker. In that regard, the cut of Star Wars footage for this trailer is layered against a quicker pace, with a more sardonic voice. The timing is less patient, and the outcome is a humor more dry, more akin to a modern lens.

It’s surprising that no one tried this before, and that they didn’t botch an entire legacy with shallow stories, unconvincing actors, and an overwhelmingly shameful character that went by Jar Jar.

Oh well, maybe they’ll give the franchise another shot. We hear 2015 is a good year for that.

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